Developer Clones Rabbit R1 AI App On iPhone, Promises To Release Soon

Rabbit R1 on iPhone
Rabbit R1 on iPhone

Want to try the Rabbit R1 AI Device without spending $200 on its hardware? Well, you will soon be able to run the Rabbit R1 AI on your iPhone thanks to an app by developer Will Hobick.

Hobick has been able to clone the Rabbit R1 app on iOS and has promised that he will be posting a ‘cloneable template’ of his app. He claims it took him a few hours to build the app, which runs on iOS, Android, and PWA.

Along with announcing his plans to release the Rabbit R1 app for everyone, he also showed his app working on an iPhone.

In the demo video, we can see Hobbick asking questions like “What day is it today”, which the Rabbit R1 app promptly answers. The app also features the scrolling wheel found on the Rabbit R1 device, which lets you scroll through its settings by rubbing your finger over it.

Rabbit R1 on iPhone

Just like the original Rabbit R1 device, there’s a camera button that gives users access to the camera within the app. Users can take advantage of this feature to ask visual queries from the app. For example, in the demo, Hobbick points the camera to an AirPod and asks what is in the picture, to which the Rabbit R1 AI answers correctly.

The developer notes that the app utilizes device time, battery life, haptic touch, camera, and more.

In a separate tweet, the Rabbit R1 app is shown running on the web.

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