Developer Shows How Maps Apps Can Benefit From ARKit

Augmented Reality is going to be huge in the next few years. With ARKit it seems like Apple is going to become a leading player in the whole AR game. While iOS 11 is still a few months away, we have been seeing some really cool implementations of the ARKit technology by developers who have created demos that showcase the potential of Augmented Reality based apps.

Developer Andrew Hart has also shared with us what he has been working on using the ARKit and CoreLocation. He has shared two videos featuring Maps application taking advantage of AR capabilities of mobile devices.

The first demo shows the developer pointing his iPhone to a bunch of buildings and landmarks. The app taking advantage of AR capabilities of the device is able to tell the user which building is in front of him along, also mentioning the distance.

The second tweet shows the developer using the Maps app to get to a nearby coffee shop. He turns on the navigation that displays floating arrows and lines that user has to follow in order to get to his or her destination. The arrows are seen floating on the real world scene and the whole concept looks pretty cool.

While Apple has opened ARKit to developers it would be interesting to see how the company uses it to add AR features to its own apps like Maps, Camera app, Messages etc.

Are you excited for Augmented Reality features of iOS 11? Let us know in the comments section below.

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