Development Of checkm8 Exploit Based checkra1n Jailbreak Going Strong

checkra1n jailbreak

checkra1n jailbreak

Following the recent release of checkm8 bootrom exploit by developer @axi0mX the hopes of an iOS 13 jailbreak’s release got a new life. Since then development of checkra1n utility has been announced, which is going to be a jailbreak tool based on the checkm8 exploit.

Luca Todesco, the well known iOS hacker from the days of Yalu jailbreak tool is behind checkra1n has teased new custom boot logo and frame buffer concepts for the new jailbreak tool. Now he is back with another tease, as he has shared a picture on checkra1n’s official Twitter account showcasing an iPod touch and what appears to be an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s with checkra1n iOS app installed. The icon for the application can be seen on the home screen of both devices. This image showcases the ongoing progress being made in the development of the new jailbreak tool, which will most likely support iOS 13.

In addition to sharing the teaser image on Twitter, Todesco who is the developer of the checkra1n jailbreak tool commented checkra1n is designed to provide a seamless jailbreaking experience to the users and he is happy with the development cycles of the jailbreak tool.

What makes checkm8 exploit different than other exploits is that it is a hardware based exploit, which means Apple cannot simply fix it with a software update as it does with other exploits.

In addition to providing indefinite jailbreaking opportunities on affected devices, this exploit can also be used to perform iOS downgrades to iOS versions that are no longer being signed by Apple.

While checkm8 exploit brings a great news for the jailbreaking community, the only disappointing thing about it is that it is limited to iPhone X or earlier. So it can only be used to develop jailbreaks for devices that have A5 to A11 Chips. Newer iPhones such as iPhone XS and iPhone 11 line up are not supported.

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