Apple Is Offering Extended 3-Month Free Trial For Apple News+ For Limited Time

Apple normally offers a 1-month free trial for most of its services, which includes Apple News+, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. However if you’re in US or Canada you now have the chance to get a free 3-month trial of Apple News+. Apple is offering the extended trial for Apple News+ through its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

With the 3-month trial you can get access to hundreds of magazines and newspapers. Basically everything that is available on Apple News+ service will be accessible to you during the extended trial period.

The extended Apple News+ 3-month trial provides the perfect opportunity for users to try out the news service and judge whether the service is suitable for them or not. News+ costs $9.99 per month, so with two extra months of free trial you are essentially saving $19.98.

It is important to note that the extended trial is only available to those who have never joined Apple News+ and have never used the normal 1-month free trial. If you have used up the 1-month trial for Apple News+ or have been a paying member, then you cannot take advantage of this offer.

You can sign up to the extended 3-month trial from Apple News’s News+ tab. Once subscribed you will get access to Apple News+ through the same tab.

Apple News+ is only available in limited markets, namely US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The extended trial offer is not available in the United Kingdom and Australia, there users can only get 1-month trial.

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