Hacker i0n1c demonstrates his Cyberelevat0r iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak on video

iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 have been out for months but still we don’t have an untethered jailbreak for them. No doubt the work on jailbreak for these software versions has been in development and it will be released eventually. Just a few days ago we told you about @i0n1c’s photo that showed Cydia running on iOS 7.1.1. Although we believe that he has successfully jailbroken his iPhone 5c running the latest version of the operating system the hacker is back to prove he is not bluffing.

Today @i0n1c has released a demonstration video in which he shows Cydia running on iOS 7.1.1. Not only did he showed off Cydia running on his device but he also rebooted it to make it clear that the jailbreak is indeed untethered. While @i0n1c has proved his point we are still not excited about this development for a number of reasons. First, that he has distanced himself from the jailbreak community and is often seen criticising hackers who actually release the jailbreak for public. Second, he is known as a troll in the jailbreak community, who likes to show off his stuff but never share it with others for his own reasons. We are no one to criticise his decision however as fans of jailbreaking we do feel disappointed.

In the video description @i0n1c writes:

Q: So how can the Jailbreak community ensure that a public jailbreak is released soon?
A: For many months now the Jailbreak community had the chance to influence a new public jailbreak by donating tohttps://isios7jailbrokenyet.com/ – instead they were manipulated by certain people with own financial interests to boycott it. So the JB community is basically responsible themselves that new public jailbreaks are only coming out slowly.

Based on this it is believed that his so called Cyberelevat0r iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak is for demo purposes only and may never see the light of day.

Since iOS 8 release is not far away it is understandable that hackers want to keep all the exploits they have for the upcoming version of the operating system. That does not mean there’s never going to be an iOS 7.1.x jailbreak as other hackers such as Winocm are also working on it and have shared their success on Twitter as well. We will keep you updated with new developments so stay tuned.

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