Is There A Jailbreak For iOS 11.2.2? Current State Of iOS Hacking

A few days ago Apple released iOS 11.2.2 with mitigations for the Spectre bug. The release’s version number surprised many since Apple had already been beta testing iOS 11.2.5, whose version number had already skipped 3 points jumping straight from iOS 11.2.1 to iOS 11.2.5. Now that Apple has released iOS 11.2.2 many wonder whether the company will end up releasing iOS 11.2.3 and iOS 11.2.4 before iOS 11.2.5 is finally released to public.

Another thing many people are wondering is whether there is a jailbreak available for iOS 11.2.2, and if not then are there any chances of one getting released in the near future. We will answer the burning question of ‘Is there a jailbreak for iOS 11.2.2‘ in this article so without any further ado lets get right into it.

Sadly an iOS 11.2.2 jailbreak is not available yet. And chances of one getting released in the near future are also very slim. While we have a jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 already, albeit in testing stages, the loophole that iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak takes advantage of has already been closed by Apple in iOS 11.2.1, so naturally such a loophole is also not available in iOS 11.2.2 or upcoming iOS 11.2.5.

There may be other exploits in iOS 11.2.2 or iOS 11.2.5 that may be helpful in making jailbreak for these iOS versions possible however they are not known yet and it is most likely that they won’t be released to public, preventing them to be useful for the development of a public jailbreak.

The main reason why we have iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak in the first place is that an exploit was publicised by Google’s Project Zero Team, which was later picked up by a number of hackers who developed the iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. Such an exploit is not available for iOS 11.2.2 thus a jailbreak is not possible, yet.

This may change in the near future, and we will be first to report on it. So keep an eye on this space to be the first to know if and when an iOS 11.2.2 jailbreak news is available. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for latest jailbreak developments.

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