Next Generation iPhone To Send Music To Two Bluetooth Devices At Once

We have already shown you how you can connect two Bluetooth speakers to your Mac and stream music to them simultaneously. However similar functionality is not available on the iPhone, which can only send audio to one Bluetooth device at once.

Now it looks like Apple is going to expand iPhone’s Bluetooth capabilities in the next generation of the device. According to a new report from Macotakara, Apple is planning on adding support for dual Bluetooth audio on its next iPhone commonly referred to as iPhone 11.

With this new functionality, an iPhone will be able to stream music to two separate devices at the same time. For example, users will be able to stream music to two separate pairs of AirPods, allowing two people to enjoy the same music from one iPhone. Or you could stream audio to two pair of Bluetooth speakers at the same time. This is a modern take on the audio splitter that allowed users to connect two pair of wired headphones to a single headphone jack.

Having the dual Bluetooth audio support on iPhone will make it more fun for users of wireless headphones to listen to a song or watch a video on one iPhone. As far as watching videos with friends is concerned it would also make sense for iPad to have the same feature due to its larger screen size, however there’s no word on whether next generation iPads will also support this feature.

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