NordVPN Service Is Getting Faster 10gbps Servers

With an ever growing incidents of privacy breaches and user data leaks it has become necessary for every iPhone and iPad user to use a good VPN app on his or her device.

One of the VPN apps that we often recommend to our readers is NordVPN. What makes NordVPN one of our favorite VPN for iPhone is its fast speeds, focus on privacy and user-friendly design. While the speeds that you would get on NordVPN were already great, the VPN network is about to get even faster thanks to major upgrades that the company is making to its network.

NordVPN that according to PrivacySharks is the most popular VPN network out there is about to significantly improve the speed by upgrading its servers. Until now the service has been using the 1Gbps servers, which provide adequate browsing expeirence to the users. However now with the upgraded infrastructure the VPN service is upgrading to 10gbps servers.

As a result of its shift to 10Gbps servers users of NordVPN will be able to enjoy improved speeds and performance, while allowing the company to also future-proof its systems. As iPhones have already shifted shift to 5G network with the release of iPhone 12, this upgrade will help NordVPN in handling the faster speeds that users will be expecting on fast cellular networks. And with 10Gbps servers the service will be very much ready to take on the challenge in the coming years.

While NordVPN is gradually upgrading its infrastructure, around 20 percent of its network has already shifted to 10Gbps servers. These servers are now available in multiple cities including Miami, New York and Seattle.

Faster servers will also be available in cities like Atlanta and international locations like London and Tokyo in the near future. If you are interested in testing out these speeds, then try connecting to these locations and see if you get faster browsing and downloading speeds compared to rest of the network.

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