Video Imagines What Apple’s ‘Bezel-Less’ Future Could Look Like

With iPhone X we have entered the bezel-less era of Apple devices, where soon enough we might see the release of Macs, iPads and Watch with edge-to-edge displays. We have always wonder what an iMac or iPad Pro with no top and side bezels will look like. Thanks to this Youtube video we don’t have to imagine anymore, as it shows an iMac, iPad, Apple Watch and a smaller iPhone with bezel-less screens.

The concept video also shows a MacBook with an edge-to-edge display, which greatly reduces its overall footprint. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the video is that it places a notch on almost all of these products. An iPhone X-like notch is found on the iMac, MacBook, iPad and even the Apple Watch. We imagine the notch on these devices just like on the iPhone X features front facing camera and sensors for Face ID.


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