When Are AirPods 2 Launching? [Poll]

If you have been following the Apple news sphere lately, then you would be inclined to believe AirPods, the insanely popular truly wireless headphones by Apple are its most important product. Every other day we hear contradicting reports regarding its launch date and whether it is going to get a complete overhaul or a minor update that will bring wireless charging to the headphone’s case. With each rumor the anticipation for the product keeps building up.

A few days ago we published a report citing famous smartphone news leaker Onleaks, who in a series of tweets claimed that Apple will only be releasing wireless charging case for AirPods in the near future, while a major refresh can be expected in the fall when the company would launch AirPods 2 with features like Hey Siri functionality, health features and much requested black color.

Then more recently a new rumor from China based Economic Daily News has surfaced that claims Apple is preparing to launch an overhauled AirPods 2 model that will feature a different exterior material, a charging case and a brand new black color option. According to the report the headphones will be launching this spring. The report goes further in saying Apple will also be launching much delayed AirPower charging mat alongside the new AirPods 2.

Both these reports contradict each other raising confusion among buyers whether they should wait for a refresh or go ahead with their purchase.

I personally have never owned a pair or AirPods and for the past six months have been waiting for Apple to release a new pair but so far it looks like no one seems to know. No matter when Apple launches the new AirPods 2 I will be waiting for the major release as buying headphones that were released more than 2 years ago and that are going to be replace with a newer model sooner or later does not make financial or technological sense.

Where do you stand with your AirPods? Do you own a pair or plan on buying one in the future?

When do you think Apple is going to launch AirPods 2, let us know in the comments section below.

When Will Apple Launch AirPods 2?

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