Review: DODOcase Two Tone Case For iPad Gives Your iPad A Classic Notebook Look

As much as I don’t like putting my iPad in a case, for me using one is a necessity. A good iPad case not only provides much needed protection but it also makes it easier for users to comfortably watch videos and do tasks that are better done while the device is in standing position. I cannot imagine watching videos without the ability to put iPad in a stand, especially in bed.

While searching for a case that would be suitable for my 10.5-inch iPad Pro, I stumbled upon the DODOcase Two Tone Case and instantly decided I have to give them a try. The design, finish and features of the case made it seem ideal for what I use my iPad Pro for i.e. playing games, watching videos and doodling with the Apple Pencil. I was especially intrigued by the integration of the Apple Pencil loop that allows users to carry their first generation Apple Pencil securely in a similar way as the newer iPads.

The first time you see the DODOcase Two Tone Case you can’t help but notice its unique design. The case is made up of a book-bound cover that has been made thicker than a normal book-bound, so that it could provide adequate protection. The case lives up to its classic book-bound design to such an extent that while the front lid is closed it would be hard for anyone to tell if it is an iPad or an actual notebook. However despite the sturdiness of the external case your iPad will still feel light and easy to hold.

You can buy the Two Tone cases in multiple colors but you also have the option to design your own using the online Dodomizer tool that allows you to create your unique case from top to bottom. With the dodomizer tool you can customize almost every aspect of the case including the exterior case, exterior accent, interior case, closure options, add monogramming and adding keyboard support. When you are customizing your case with dodomizer tool you can choose between solid colors, patterns and leather finishes. By mixing different colors and patterns you can create a truly unique case that matches your style.

What makes the design of the DODOcase Two Tone case great apart from its customizable design is its ability to protect the iPad from all sides and angles. The case covers the iPad from front, back and all sides. It houses the iPad in a polymer case that sits inside the book-bound cover adding more protection for the tablet.

In addition to good looks and durability, this case is also very practical. It has holes for all ports, speakers and back camera allowing you to use your iPad at its full capacity. My favorite feature of this DODOcase cover is the Apple Pencil loop that makes it possible for users to securely carry their Apple Pencil around and remove it easily whenever they want to use it. This feature lets you store your Apple Pencil on the side of the device, similar to how second generation Apple Pencil magnetically sticks on the side of newer iPad Pros.

Apple Pencil Loop makes it easier to carry around Apple Pencil.

Along with the elastic Apple Pencil loop, the case also includes an elastic band for closure, that gives it the classic notebook look and prevents the case from opening. When you want to use the iPad in reading mode you can simply open the case and fold the front cover to all the way back, and use the same elastic band to close it in place.

This DODOcase cover is also great for watching videos as it provides multiple angles that can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs. The adjustable angles make the case great for watching videos in bed too. The case includes magnets to tell the iPad when the lid is closed, which will allow the tablet to turn off its display when the lid is closed and turn it back on automatically when it is opened.

Adjustable viewing angles offered by DODOcase.

Overall I really like the design, practicality and features of the case and for me the Apple Pencil loop makes the case extra worth it. Add customization options offered by the DODOcase’s easy to use online tool and we have a winning combination for those looking for a unique look for their iPad.

You can buy the DODOcase Two Tone Case from their official website for $65. If you want to design a custom case using the dodomizer tool, then you can expect to pay $75. The extra $10 is totally worth spending considering the customization options that are available to the users. Custom case can be designed for all models of iPad Pro, iPad, iPad mini and even the newly released iPad Air. Older models are also supported.

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