JUUK Velo Is A Modern Apple Watch Band With A Classic Design (Review)

When Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch, they made it clear that they looked at traditional watches while it was in development. The digital crown is a prime example of how it is inspired by traditional watches, but some other features, such as a digital screen and aluminum material, give it a fresh modern twist. In a similar vein, the JUUK Velo gives the Apple Watch band a classic and traditional look, but with a modern twist.

JUUK makes some of my favorite Apple Watch bands. At first they started with making watch bands with traditional metals, such as stainless steel used in the Revo band. Later on, they started making ones made out of aluminum, specifically designed for the Apple Watch Sport with their Ligero and Vitero bands. It gave the Apple Watch a refreshing new and modern look. With the JUUK Velo, they’ve mashed together the design of a traditional 3-row link watch band with the aluminum material used on some of their other bands. The result is a beautiful modern band with a classy look.

One of the things that really stood out to me when I strapped on the Velo was how nicely it curved around my wrist. JUUK says that, just like the Vitero, they added a taper to the links which makes it curve subtly. I found it curved even nicer than the Vitero, and it resulted in it being very comfortable to wear. Pair that with the fact that it’s made out of super lightweight aluminum, and I found it to be the most comfortable metal Apple Watch band that I’ve ever worn.

Another thing I really love about the Velo is that it is offered in the midnight blue color, a first for JUUK. I found it a bit darker than I originally expected, but I grew to love it after some time. The midnight blue color, paired with my gold Apple Watch Sport and the classic design of the band, makes for a truly stunning look. I received many compliments on it.

Attention to detail is something that I love with JUUK, and the Velo is no exception. The custom adjust tool makes it quick and easy to adjust the band to your wrist size. The features of the Ligero revision, such as the flush connector and the seamless joint in the middle, are also present with the Velo.

If there’s one complaint that you could have with the Velo, it’s the lack of color options in comparison with the Ligero lineup. There’s a variety of different colors available for the Ligero lineup, but only five with the Velo. More basic and classic colors might have been selected to go along with the traditional styled band, but the good news is that new colors could be released in the future quite easily. A stainless steel version might even be in the pipeline. There is also no 38mm Velo bands available at the time of this writing, which is a bummer for those with smaller versions of the Watch.

I know with the Ligero revision that I said the Ligero was my favorite Apple Watch band. And while I still like the color options that the Ligero offers, with the classic and comfortable design that the Velo has, I think I have a new favorite. The Velo sells for the same price as the Ligero; $119. You can save 10% off your purchase though, simply by applying the coupon code “IOSHACKER” at your checkout.

What do you think of the JUUK Velo? Do you like the mix of classic and modern design? What’s your favorite Apple Watch band? Let us know in the comments down below!

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