Strapley’s Navy Undertone Leather Strap For Apple Watch – Review

In this review we will talk about the Strapley’s Leather Strap for Apple Watch. The unit we will be reviewing is the 42mm Navy Undertone edition. Thanks to its appeal to fashionistas Apple Watch is the hottest gadget on Instagram. When you search for Apple Watch on the image sharing app you can find tons of beautiful images of it paired with gorgeous Apple and third-party made bands. We also share gorgeous images of Apple Watch on our official Instagram feed.

Through Instagram I came across Strapley and found that they make exciting leather straps for the Apple Watch, and naturally decided to review one of them. The Strapley straps are created by Strapley’s in-house artisans in the United States. They are designed to look elegant and simplistic, a claim they certainly live up to. The strap is made up of 100 precent full-grain leather that is sourced from the USA.

I got the Navy Undertone version for my 42mm Apple Watch. This was not my first leather Watch strap as I had owned a few before getting it, so I knew what to expect. As soon as I took the Strapley strap out of the box I was instantly impressed. The material, color and the overall look of the strap was as good as it looked in the product pictures and carefully taken Instagram photos.

The unique Navy Undertone appearance of the strap along with the orange stitches looked pretty nice. And the fact that Strapley gives users the option to select the color of the adapter and buckle according to the color of their Watch really make the strap stand out. When buying you can specify the adapter color and choose between space grey, rose gold, gold and silver. Although you are supposed to choose the color that matches the body of your Apple Watch, you can also get creative and choose different one to create a unique look. Unlike many other third-party straps the buckle does not feel cheap and seems durable.

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The Strapley Strap is super comfortable to wear. It feels so light and soft that after some time you won’t even feel that you are wearing your Apple Watch. While it does not fall in the ‘affordable’ category by any means considering its price point, you are getting a good deal for the money spent on it. You can buy cheap ‘leather’ straps off the Amazon but those are not as durable nor are they actually made up of leather. With Strapley you are getting what you pay for.

You can buy the Strapley Navy Undertone Strap for $80. It comes with both 38mm and 42mm editions. In addition to Navy Undertone the company also sells Black Undertone, Slate, Nude and Bison editions.

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