Studio Grid’s Grid X Frame With Disassembled iPhone X Is The Perfect Gift For Tech Lovers

Studio Grid Grid X Review

If you’re a geek and an Apple fan, then Studio Grid’s Grid X is the perfect artwork for your home, office or home office!

Studio Grid as many of you might already be familiar with is a company that takes actual iPhone components and turns them into a framed artwork that you can hang on the wall. They disassemble a gadget down to its last piece and then put it in a neat framed layout for everyone to marvel at.

Studio Grid has converted retro and modern gadgets into framed artwork. They currently sell vintage and iconic products like iPhone 2G, Game Boy, Original Apple Watch, Blackberry Gold and more on their online store. They also sell artwork featuring modern gadgets such as the iPhone X that we are reviewing here.

The best thing about Studio Grid is that they only take damaged and non-working gadgets that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, and turn them into something useful.

So without any further ado, let’s talk about Studio Grid’s Grid X.

Studio Grid’s Grid X (Review)

Most of us who are in our 30s today have grown up witnessing the smartphone revolution, which truly started with the release of the original iPhone back in 2007.

During this time we saw the release of some amazing devices that changed the course of the smartphone world. The list of such devices won’t be complete without including iPhone 4 and iPhone X in it.

Studio Grid Grid X Review

So when the team behind Studio Grid reached out to us saying they want to send us a review unit of Studio Grid’s Grid X, I had to say yes. The Grid X features a disassembled iPhone X with each of its internal and external component framed.

The package arrived from China a few weeks later and inside was a wrapped Grid X frame with a completely disassembled iPhone X inside. The packaging GridX came in was as impressive as the artwork itself. The wrap had a cool wax seal that you had to open before you could see the frame inside. The whole unboxing process made it seem like you are 12 years old and opening a Christmas present.

As I removed the wrap, it was the first time I had laid my eyes on a Studio Grid product in real life and I was amazed at the immaculate detail and layout of the artwork.

All iPhone X components but the battery were actual iPhone parts arranged neatly on the layout, complete with arrows and labels. Studio Grid uses a dummy battery inside the frame as a real one would make the product flammable.

One thing to keep in mind while unwrapping the protective sheet from the frame’s front glass is that the removal process is made a lot easier if you open the anchors on the back and detach the layout from the frame.

As seen in the image below each iPhone X component is not only present within the frame but is also clearly marked, which makes it both fun and informative for onlookers to look at this artwork.

The template also has a nice quote from the legendary Steve Jobs along with listing the names of the components featured in the artwork.

Here you can see the front camera and Face ID module, earpiece, barometer, speaker, Taptic engine, rear camera, flash, power button and more.

Studio Grid Grid X Review

So who and what is the Studio Grid Grid X for? Well anyone who is interested in decorating his or her home or office with an interesting piece of art can consider getting themselves a Grid X or any other Studio Grid product.

While it is a special treat for tech lovers other people who are looking for a conversation starter for their home’s walls can also get themselves a Grid X.

Studio Grid GridX usually sells at a price of $299. However right now it is available at a discounted sale price of $269, making it the perfect time to buy it.

iOSHacker readers can get a 15% exclusive discount when purchasing Studio Grid Grid X by entering promo code ‘ioshacker15‘ during checkout.

Buy Studio Grid Grid X here.

Our rating:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

So if I love Studio Grid’s Grid X so much, then why did I take away 1.5 stars instead of giving it a perfect 10 star rating? Well the only thing that I find objectionable, that too if nitpick is the cheap feeling of the frame and front glass.

It isn’t a cause for concern as you are going to put it up on the wall and never touch it again, but this is where Studio Grid could have paid a little more attention and made the product even better than it already is.

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