Beautiful Black Wallpapers For iPhone X’s OLED Screen (Ep. 9)

A few days ago we posted a bunch of black wallpapers for iPhone X. These wallpapers look amazing on iPhone X’s beautiful OLED display. Due to popular demand we are posting another black wallpaper collection featuring 10 gorgeous high resolution wallpapers for your device that you can use on your iPhone.

The reason why these black wallpapers look so good on an iPhone X’s Super Retina screen is because the OLED screen is capable of displaying true blacks, unlike an LCD display that users light to simulate black color. The bright colors on the foreground of these black iPhone wallpapers also add to the beauty of these wallpapers.

You can download these black wallpapers for iPhone X by simply right clicking on them. If you are on an iPhone then tap and hold on the wallpaper you like and save it to Photos app. Then apply it as your iPhone’s lockscreen and/or homescreen wallpaper.

While these high resolution Black wallpapers will look awesome on iPhone X’s OLED display, users of other iPhones can also download them as they look great on other devices too.

These wallpapers were handpicked from this wallpaper collection. You can find more OLED friendly wallpapers here.


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