Apple Watch Series 4 Vs. Apple Watch Series 0 (Video)

After more than 2.5 years of using my original Apple Watch I have finally upgraded to Apple Watch Series 4. While last year I wrote why I wouldn’t be upgrading my original Apple Watch to Series 3, this year an upgrade was a no brainer, especially for someone on a device that was stuck on watchOS 4.

There’s a massive speed and performance difference between Apple Watch Series 4 and Watch Series 0, which is also known as Apple Watch Series 0. Basic tasks like booting up, launching apps, scrolling through menus and accessing different sections of watchOS is very different on both these models.

If you are also using Apple Watch Series 0 and are confused whether you should upgrade your Apple Watch Series 0 and get an Apple Watch Series 4, then this video is for you.

Launching apps is significantly faster on Series 4. In fact while it takes several seconds for an app to finally launch on Series 0, the same app is readily available for use as soon as you hit the app’s icon on Series 4. Boot up takes over 2 minutes on Series 0 while the Series 4 boots up in just over 30 seconds. The menus and apps are fast, animations are buttery smooth and overall its a much better experience.

Watch the video and see for yourself the massive speed and performance difference between Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 0 below.

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