Find iPhone More Easily By Flashing Its LED Flashlight From Apple Watch

All Apple Watch users already know that you can quickly locate your misplaced iPhone by using the Ping iPhone button on watchOS Control Center. This handy little Control Center feature provides a quick and easy way for users to find their iPhone by ringing it. This is great for situations when you are at home and cannot find your iPhone. As soon as tap on the button your iPhone will start ringing, letting you find it from under the couch or a bundle of laundry.

However what many users don’t know is they can also make their iPhone flash its LED flashlight in addition to making the sound. This hidden feature makes it incredibly easy for iPhone users to find their device in dark or loud environments, and can be especially useful for deaf users.

You can make the iPhone flash the LED flash and ring a sound by accessing the watchOS Control Center on your Apple Watch (swipe up from bottom) and then long pressing on the ‘Ping iPhone’ button. The button has an iPhone glyph on it. Remember a simple tap will just ring the sound on the iPhone, whereas a Long Press will also flash the LED flashlight.

This is one of those hidden Apple Watch features that can really improve the user experience and make user’s life easier.

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