9 iPhone 15 Pro Accessories I Use Daily

Best iPhone 15 Pro accessories

Here are my top iPhone 15 Pro accessory recommendations that I use on a daily basis.

After using tens of iPhone cases, screen protectors, cables, chargers, and more I have concluded that these 9 accessories work the best for me, and perhaps you too!

“I love my iPhone 15 Pro. I use it all the time and carry it wherever I go. I cannot live without my iPhone 15 Pro.”

Are these statements relatable? Then you are in the right place. Today I am going to share my favorite iPhone 15 Pro accessories that I use on a daily basis.

Today I am going to share iPhone 15 Pro accessories that make the experience of using this amazing device even better. So if you are looking for inspiration and want to find some good iPhone 15 Pro accessories for yourself, then keep reading.

Must-have iPhone 15 Pro accessories

In this post, you will find 9 of my favorite iPhone 15 Pro accessories that you need to own in 2024. This includes different types of accessories such as an iPhone 15 Pro case, headphones, screen protector, charger, MagSafe wallet, charging cable, wireless charging stand, portable power bank, and a phone grip.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Case: ESR for iPhone 15 Pro Case

ESR for iPhone 15 Pro Case

The ESR iPhone 15 Pro Case is your ultimate companion for keeping your device safe while maintaining its sleek style and functionality! This best iPhone 15 Pro case is engineered with precision, ensuring that every speaker and port cutout aligns perfectly, and the buttons are easily accessible with a satisfying press.

Integrated powerful magnets into this case, boasting an impressive 1,500 g of holding force. What does that mean for you? Lightning-fast wireless charging with MagSafe accessories! Simply place your iPhone on a compatible charger, and let the magnets do the rest.

This ESR iPhone 15 Pro Case has been put through rigorous testing to ensure total protection from every angle. Specially designed Air Guard corners absorb shock, offering a cushion for your phone against unexpected drops or bumps. Plus, raised screen edges and a Camera Guard lens frame provide extra defense against scratches.

Buy ESR for iPhone 15 Pro Case for $18.99 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Charger: Anker iPhone 15 Charger

Anker iPhone 15 Charger

Imagine rushing out the door, but your phone is on its last legs. You can charge up your device in record time, thanks to its sleek design and cutting-edge technology. This best iPhone 15 Pro charger isn’t just about protection; it’s about power, too. Equipped with a 20W max output, it ensures that your iPhone devices get the juice they need, pronto.

What’s even cooler is that you can power up two devices simultaneously using both the USB-C and USB-A ports. No more arguing over who gets to charge first or worrying about sacrificing speed for convenience.

But don’t just take our word for it – I’ve personally put this powerhouse combo to the test, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. Whether I’m on a road trip or just running errands around town, I never leave home without Anker charger. It has saved me more times than I can count.

Buy Anker iPhone 15 Charger for $18.99 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Screen Protector: Ailun 3 Pack Screen Protector

Ailun 3 Pack Screen Protector

The Ailun 3-Pack Screen Protector isn’t just your average screen protector – it’s a triple threat! With three screen protectors and three camera lens protectors, you’re getting top-notch defense against scratches, scrapes, and bumps. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to keep their phone looking fresh out of the box?

This best iPhone 15 Pro screen protector isn’t just about keeping your screen pristine; it’s also designed to enhance your photography game. Say hello to seamless integration with augmented reality technology! With light transmittance and night shooting functions built right in, you won’t miss a beat when capturing those special moments, day or night.

With precise laser-cut tempered glass and an ultra-thin profile of just 0.33mm, you’ll barely notice it’s there. But trust me, your fingers will thank you for the smooth, responsive touch that this protector maintains.

Buy Ailun 3 Pack Screen Protector for $6.89 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Headphones: Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Introducing the next level of audio experience: Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation). Imagine slipping these sleek, futuristic earbuds into your ears and being instantly transported into a world of immersive soundscapes.

What sets these AirPods apart? It’s the Apple-designed H2 chip, working tirelessly behind the scenes to elevate your listening experience to new heights. With its intelligent noise cancellation technology, distractions fade into the background, leaving you with nothing but pure, uninterrupted sound.

These best iPhone 15 Pro headphones aren’t just for music – they’re your all-in-one audio companion. Experience Dolby Atmos like never before as select songs, shows, and movies come to life with breathtaking 3D sound. And managing your audio experience is a breeze with touch controls right on the stem. Swipe, press, and hold to adjust volume, play/pause music, answer calls, and switch between listening modes.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) for $239 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe Wallet: Apple iPhone FineWoven Wallet

Apple iPhone FineWoven Wallet

Crafted with a keen eye for design, it seamlessly merges fashion with functionality. The FineWoven Wallet isn’t just about utility; it’s about making a statement. Made from durable microtwill, it boasts a luxurious feel akin to suede, elevating your everyday carry to new heights.

But here’s where it gets really exciting: sustainability. In today’s world, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about doing good too. This best iPhone 15 Pro MagSafe wallet is a nod to environmental responsibility, crafted from 68 percent post-consumer recycled content. By opting for this eco-conscious choice, you’re not just reducing carbon emissions; you’re making a tangible difference with every purchase.

As someone who’s always on the go, juggling a million things at once, the Apple iPhone FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe has been a game-changer for me. It’s not just a wallet; it’s a companion, seamlessly integrating into my busy lifestyle with style, sustainability, and security.

Buy Apple iPhone FineWoven Wallet for $56.80 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Cable: Apple 60W USB-C Woven Charge Cable 

Apple 60W USB-C Woven Charge Cable 

Are you ready to elevate your charging game? Feast your eyes on the Apple 60W USB-C Woven Charge Cable—a sleek, stylish solution to all your power needs! Imagine a charge cable that not only gets the job done but does it with flair.

With the capability to support charging up to 60 watts, you can kiss slow charging goodbye. Say hello to fast-charging nirvana as you pair this best iPhone 15 Pro cable with a compatible USB-C power adapter. Gone are the days of waiting around for your devices to power up—now, you can get back to what matters most in record time.

Let me tell you, I’ve had my fair share of charging woes. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a flimsy cable that barely gets the job done. But ever since I got my hands on the Apple 60W USB-C Woven Charge Cable, charging has become a breeze. No more tangled messes or frustratingly slow charging speeds—just pure, uninterrupted power whenever I need it.

Buy Apple 60W USB-C Woven Charge Cable for $17.00 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Phone Grip: PopSockets Phone Grip

PopSockets Phone Grip

Imagine having the best iPhone 15 Pro phone grip and kickstand for your phone that seamlessly attaches to your MagSafe-compatible case. We call it the “PopGrip,” and it’s here to elevate your phone experience to a whole new level of convenience and style.

What’s even better is that the Pop Grip compatible with MagSafe works seamlessly with PopSocket cases and mounts designed specifically for MagSafe, as well as with non-PopSocket cases for MagSafe. Whether you’re rocking a PopSocket case or another brand, rest assured that the PopGrip will securely attach to your MagSafe-compatible case, thanks to its strong built-in magnets.

I can’t help but share my own experience with the PopSockets Phone Grip. Again, as someone who’s always on the move, having a reliable grip on my phone is a game-changer. Whether I’m juggling groceries, running to catch a bus, or simply multitasking throughout the day, the PopGrip gives me the peace of mind that my phone is safe and secure in my hand.

Buy PopSockets Phone Grip for $29.99 here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Charging Station: EXW Wireless Charging Station 

EXW Wireless Charging Station 

Why settle for ordinary charging when you can elevate your experience with the EXW Wireless Charging Station? Imagine your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and maybe even your iPad, all craving a recharge. With two dedicated charger pads designed for seamless compatibility with the Magsafe Charger, alongside extra USB-C and USB-A ports, this station is your go-to destination for juicing up everything you own.

What truly sets this best iPhone 15 Pro charging station apart is its ingenious leaf-shaped design, engineered to optimize the charging speed of your Magsafe-compatible devices. Simply align your iPhone with the magnetic charger, and watch as it powers up in record time – it’s practically magic!

When it comes to speed, get ready to turbocharge your gadgets with up to 15W output for your iPhone, 5W for your earphones, and a standard 3W for your faithful Apple Watch. With top-notch CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications, rest assured that your devices are in safe hands.

Buy EXW Wireless Charging Station for $28.99 (down from $39.99) here.

Best iPhone 15 Pro Power Bank: Anker Magnetic Portable Charger

Anker Magnetic Portable Charger

Anker has outdone itself with its innovative MiniCell technology, which packs the same charging power into a smaller and lighter package. Gone are the days of bulky power banks weighing down your bag or pocket. With the Anker Magnetic Portable Charger, you can simply snap it onto your phone and go about your day without even noticing it’s there.

Anker has equipped this charger with ultra-strong magnets that securely attach to the back of your iPhone 15 or 14. No more worrying about your power bank slipping off or getting disconnected while you’re in the middle of an important call or trying to capture the perfect selfie.

Speaking of selfies, with this best iPhone 15 Pro power bank, you can easily hold your phone with just one hand while taking photos or making video calls. The magnetic attachment ensures a stable connection, so you can focus on getting the perfect shot without any awkward fumbling or dropping your phone.

Buy Anker Magnetic Portable Charger for $39.40 here.

There you have it folks, these are my favorite iPhone 15 Pro accessories that I use daily.

What do you think about these accessories? Do you have any other accessory suggestions that I should try? Let us know in the comments below.

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