Intel MacBook Has Stopped Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

MacBook Thunderbolt
MacBook Thunderbolt

Many users have complained that sometimes when they plug in their Intel MacBook to its charger it refuses to charge. When this issue occurs MacBook does not start charging even after the user reboots his or her device.

If you are also experiencing charging problems with your MacBook and your computer has suddenly stopped charging, then keep reading.

In this guide we will share steps that will enable you to fix charging problem with Intel MacBooks and get the charging feature working again.

Before you proceed with our main solution to the charging issue make sure of the following point.

  • Make sure your MacBook’s charging cable is fully functional and is not damaged.
  • Make sure your charging brick is fully functional and isn’t damaged.
  • Make sure your power socket is providing adequate power to your MacBook.

Once you have made sure of the points above, you can proceed to solving charging problems with the following steps.

Reset MacBook SMC To Fix Charging Problem

In these steps we will be resetting your Mac’s SMC or System Management Controller.

Here is how to reset the SMC with the T2 chip:

Before you follow these steps make sure your MacBook has T2 chip or not. For this go to the Apple menu -> About This Mac -> System Report -> select Controller from the sidebar. Find the T2 chip on the top of the screen.

  1. Shut down your Mac
  2. Press and hold ‘Control’ (Left) + ‘Option’ (Left) + ‘Shift’ (Right) keys
  3. Keep holding them for seven seconds and press and hold the ‘Power’ button. Keep pressing for another seven seconds
  4. Release all the keys, wait, and then restart your Mac.

For MacBook with non-removable battery or T2 chip:

  1. Shut down your MacBook
  2. Press and hold the ‘Shift’ (Left) + ‘Control’ (Left) + ‘Option’ (Left) keys. Also, press and hold the ‘Power’ button
  3. Wait for ten seconds and release all the keys. Wait, and restart your Mac. 

Resetting SMS on Intel MacBook should help in solving the charging problem and your MacBook should start charging right away. If this method does not work, then try other solutions to fix MacBook Charging here.

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