Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13’s OLED Screen (Ep. 8)

Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Pro has the gorgeous Liquid Retina XDR Display, which is essentially an OLED screen. This means the device is able to display true black color whenever black content is loaded on it. This is different from LCD based iPhones that display black artificially, resulting in an illuminated black color that does not look very natural.

Due to its OLED screen and ability to display true black color, black wallpapers look really beautiful on iPhone 13’s screen. Applying wallpapers that have a predominantly black background along with bright colored foreground looks even better on iPhone 13. So in this wallpaper post we have gathered 10 beautiful black wallpapers for iPhone 13’s OLED screen that looks really good.

You can download these black wallpapers for iPhone 13 by simply right clicking on them. If you are on an iPhone then tap and hold on the wallpaper you like and save it to Photos app. Then apply it as your iPhone’s lockscreen and/or homescreen wallpaper.

While these high resolution Black wallpapers will look awesome on iPhone 13’s OLED display, users of other iPhones can also download them as they look great on other devices too.

These wallpapers were handpicked from this wallpaper collection. You can find more OLED friendly wallpapers here.

Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13
Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13
Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13
Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13
Awesome Black Wallpapers For iPhone 13
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