Launcher App Lets You Create Lock Screen Widgets For Apps, Contacts And More

There’s no shortage of apps trying to take advantage of iOS 16’s new Lock Screen Widgets feature. We have previously written about Lock Screen Contact Widgets, LockPod and Lock Launcher, all of which allow users to create and add widgets to Lock Screen.

Another app that I have tried on my iOS 16 powered iPhone is Launcher with Multiple Widgets. This app has recently added Lock Screen widgets support and enables users to create custom widgets for the Lock Screen’s widget area.

With Launcher app you can create a widget for a Contact, App, Music, Website or a custom action.

When creating a Contact Launcher for the lock screen you can configure it to call someone, email, FaceTime, Message or even show directions to their place.

The App Launcher is my favorite as it allows users to create a Lock Screen widget for any app of their choice. Once you have created a widget you can simply add it to the lock screen widget area and use it to quickly open apps directly from the Lock Screen.

The app also gives users the ability to design widgets just the way they like it. They can customize the widget using the included 3000+ glyphs. The app can also convert any icon into a monochrome icon, which looks cool on the lock screen.

You can download the Launcher with Multiple Widgets app from the App Store where it is available as a free download. The app only lets you create one widget with the free version. In order to unlock the full app you have to buy the Premium version for $7.99.

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