Lock Launcher App Adds App Shortcuts To iOS 16 Lock Screen

iOS users have forever wanted to have the ability to launch apps directly from the lock screen. Although it has taken almost 16 years for Apple to implement this feature, starting iOS 16 users will finally be able to launch apps of their choice right from lock screen.

A new app called Lock Launcher, which is currently in beta has demonstrated this new feature already.

Using Lock Launcher and other apps like it users will be able to add shortcuts for their favorite apps right underneath the clock.

This is similar to the Lock Screen Contacts Widgets app that we wrote about a few days ago, which adds user’s favorite contacts on the lock screen and allows users to quickly access message thread, make a phone call or FaceTime call right from the Lock Screen.

Once you have added the app shortcut widget you will be able to launch those particular apps right after a Face ID scan without unlocking your device.

Using Lock Launcher app is pretty easy. First you need to open the app and create shortcut widgets for apps you want to have shortcuts for. Once you are done you can access the Lock Screen editing screen and add your newly created widgets on the widget area found underneath the lock screen clock.

With Lock Launcher you can add up to 3 app shortcuts at a time. Perhaps the best thing about Lock Launcher app is that it launches the app right away without taking you to its app and then redirecting. This makes the whole process seamless.

As we have mentioned earlier Lock Launcher app is currently in beta and is available for testing through Test Flight app. And as of right now all the slots for beta testing this app are full.

The final release of the app will follow iOS 16’s public release in the fall. Presumably you will need to be running iOS 16 or later in order to use this app. App’s pricing details are also not available right now. You can follow Lock Launcher’s developer @Taher_Dev to keep up with its development.

Update: You can now download the Lock Launcher app from the App Store for free.

In addition to having support for third-party widgets, iOS 16 lock screen also allows users to add widgets for weather to lock screen, add activity rings to lock screen and more.

Users will also get access to lock screen personalizations and ability to change font and color.

(Image credit: AR7)

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