How To Turn Off Apple Watch (All Models)

Turn Off Apple Watch

If you want to learn the correct way to turn off Apple Watch, then you are in the right place. In this step by step tutorial we will share steps on how to shut down Apple Watch.

In the second section of this guide we will also show you how you can turn on Apple Watch after you have turned it off.

There are many reasons why you would want to shut down your Apple Watch. Perhaps you want to turn if off to preserve its battery or it is acting up and you want to restart Apple Watch in order to fix the issue you are facing.

No matter what your reason is, these steps will help you in achieving your desired results.

The steps to shut down the Apple Watch are same on all models. You can perform these steps to turn off Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 5, 4, 3, 2 and original.

How to turn off Apple Watch

Perform these steps on your Apple Watch in order to shut it down.

How To Turn Off Apple Watch

Step 1. Remove the Apple Watch from its charger.

Step 2. Press and hold the side button until you see the shut down menu.

Step 3. Grab the round power off slider and slide it towards the right side of the screen.

As you slide the power off slider your Apple Watch will shut down.

How to turn on Apple Watch

These steps will help you in turning on Apple Watch.

Step 1. While your Apple Watch is off press and hold the side button.

Step 2. Let go of the side button as soon as you see the Apple logo on the screen.

There you have it folks, this is is how you can turn off Apple Watch and turn on Apple Watch whenever you like. These steps also help users who want to restart Apple Watch.

If you have any questions regarding your Apple Watch, then feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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