Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Pro in 2024

Best clear cases for iPhoen 14 Pro

Having the best clear case for iPhone 14 Pro has become a necessity for those who want to protect their shiny new iPhone without hiding its beautiful design. In this post we have gathered a list of best iPhone 14 Pro cases that you need to buy in 2024.

Despite the constant evolution of the world (thanks to technology), you can surely stay on top of new devices coming out.

It’s no secret that Apple always occupies a front-row seat in such events. The iPhone 14 series has been a highly anticipated release for Apple, but it is safe to say that you should not get carried away with the euphoria that you neglect to buy a case for it. In any case, what’s the point of a phone without a case? 

Meanwhile, if you are still getting the hang of your latest purchase, we are at the other end to help you get the best transparent case for iPhone 14 Pro.

Come along for the ride with us!

More cases for iPhone 14 Pro:

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Pro

The use of clear cases not only protects your device but also enhances its original beauty. The clear case allows you to show off your device in its true form. However, the purpose of a case cover is primarily to protect your device.

With this in mind, we can now move on to the recommended clear cases for the iPhone 14 Pro. So, let’s begin.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Clear Cases

Spigen offers affordable clear iPhone 14 cases with high-quality materials. It features a magnetic ring that ensures a non-distorted MagSafe connection. 

A combination of Air Cushion Technology and Mil-grade drop protection protects the device against shocks and accidental drops. Aside from that, it has a hybrid design that combines a durable PC back with a TPU bumper.

The raised edge around the camera module and screen prevents surface scratches. Moreover, the textured buttons provide easy pressing and reliable feedback, while large cutouts fit most cables.

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid for $14.99 here

2. TORRAS Diamond Clear Case

Clear cases for iPhone 14 Pro

With a diamond clear hard DE acrylic back and soft silicone ridge, the TORRAS Diamond Clear Case provides top-of-the-line protection. With this case, you can show off and protect the original beauty and classic style of your iPhone. Despite its soft silicone ridge, fits snugly and is relatively easy to slide on and off. Soft clear backs provide a 20% improvement in shock resistance, while hard DE acrylic backs provide a 50% improvement in anti-yellowing.

A 360° surround airbag across the bumper’s interior, along with X-SHOCK 3.0 airbags all around, withstands shock and drops. With a 4-layer cushioned silicone bumper and an anti-explosion backplate, the device provides comprehensive impact resistance. 

Despite its slim profile, this iPhone case achieves high-quality protection and is ultra-lightweight, avoiding the compromises associated with bulky cases. A slightly curved silicone bumper fits comfortably in one hand, making it easy to hold and use.

Buy TORRAS Diamond Clear Case for $16.99 here

3. Mkeke Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Transparent cases

A raised bezel on Mkeke Clear Case prevents the screen and camera from smashing or getting scratched on flat surfaces.

Designed with airbag-like corners and a bumper thickness of 3.9mm, it can effectively buffer any pressure applied to the phone, and protect your phone in case of sudden drops.

With its slim form and flexible materials, it slides easily into and out of pockets while giving you a comfortable grip when talking, texting, gaming, or taking selfies.

Your phone’s buttons, switches, features, and functions work perfectly because the case has precisely pronounced cutouts. 

It is worth mentioning here that there are no magnetic components in this case, so it won’t secure things with magnetic connections. Nevertheless, the case will allow your phone to be charged with the MagSafe charger.

Buy Mkeke Clear Case for $16.99 here

4. Simtect Ultra Clear Case

Specifically designed for the iPhone 14 Pro, this case is manufactured from high-quality DE Bayer materials that are ROHS and SGS certified. In addition to exclusive micro-dot laser technology, 2% Blu-ray molecular injection ensures 100% light transmission, making the case crystal clear.

Due to the AF anti-fingerprint electroplate coating, anti-oxidation coating, and Nano Oleophobic layer, the case blocks 99.9% ultraviolet rays, fingerprints, stains, and sweat efficiently, maintaining its clarity for a longer period. You won’t have to replace the transparent case as often as before.

With 2.5 mm raised camera bezels and 1.2 mm raised screen bezels, you are guaranteed extra and comprehensive protection. Moreover, the backboard features anti-scratch polycarbonate. 

All the buttons, mics, speakers, and charging ports are aligned perfectly on this case. 

Buy Simtect Ultra Clear Case for $18.99 here

5. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series

Best cases for iPhone 14 Pro

A protective case does not have to sacrifice style for protection. With the Symmetry Series Clear, you will show off your style and protect it at the same time. You can use all the buttons, features, and functions of your phone flawlessly even with the case on. 

Its ultra-slim 0.04-inch design makes it easy for you to slide your phone in and out of your pocket, and it also supports wireless charging. 

The raised edges of the case protect the camera and screen, and the case is easy to install and remove for quick style changes. Furthermore, its ergonomic curved sides offer ultimate comfort and grip. 

Buy OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series for $49.95 here

6. Alphex Upgraded Clear Case For iPhone 14 Pro

The Alphex case features a matte clear back and a soft TPU bumper. A purple plating coating covers the soft TPU bumper with Alphex-exclusive hybrid technology.

With its Matte Clear material, the back panel displays the color of the iPhone’s bare panel, so it achieves the appearance of a never-yellowing phone. It also has a matte coating that keeps fingerprints and stains off the panel and gives it an iPhone-like feel. 

As the case is built with a double-cushioned structure, it provides 2X shockproof protection and includes a reinforced soft buffer TPU bumper that disperses 98% of the impact force during a drop. 

The streamlined arc frame and integrated slim design provide a comfortable feel. Designed for texting, gaming, or selfies, the processed TPU frame provides a non-slip grip. Additionally, the 0.04-inch ultra-slim design allows your phone to fit easily into your pocket. 

Buy Alphex Clear Case for $19.98 here

7. ESR Clear Case For iPhone 14 Pro

Compatible only with iPhone 14 Pro; easy-press buttons and precise cutouts guarantee full functionality.

The Air-Guard corners protect your phone from drops and shocks, while the raised screen edges and Camera Guard help prevent scratches.

Lightweight and slim, at only 1.6mm thick, you’ll feel just like you’re holding your phone, but with added grip; flexible polymer makes it easy to put on and take off. Besides, it is compatible with wireless charging since it is thin enough.

With its microdot design, the top-of-the-line polymer keeps your case crystal clear for longer, so you can show off your phone’s true style.

Buy ESR Clear Case for $14.99 here


Considering the iPhone 14 Pro is all glass, if it falls from a certain height it can shatter in a blink. We have shared with you the best cases for the iPhone 14 Pro. The cases listed here are certified protective cases made from high-quality materials by reputable brands.

So, which iPhone 14 Pro clear case do you think would look best with your device? Let us know in the comments section.

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